The 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with the Software You Use

Posted by Brandi Holder on 6/19/19 3:51 PM

It’s likely that your business is not where it was when you started due to growth, changing goals, or evolutions in the marketplace. As things have changed, you adapted and evolved so, it makes sense that your technology will change and adapt as well.  

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6 Reasons Advertising & Marketing Agencies Partner with Custom Software Firms

Posted by Chris Carnell on 2/25/19 8:05 PM

Want to be a more capable, sexier advertising or marketing agency on the cuttingest cutting edge of the digital frontier? Partnering with a custom software firm can increase the types and load of work you can do, is cheaper and more flexible than building your own development team, and can give you a leg (or maybe both legs) up in a competitive market. If you want to serve your clients in ways you never thought possible, consider the following six points and, together with your awesome software development partner, take your agency to new and unexpected heights.

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Considering Outsourced App Development

Looking to build an application from scratch, upgrade an existing system, or searching for ways to innovate? The team at Codefi Labs combines entrepreneurs and technical talent to help you scale your company. 

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